Naeve Family Beef

A Legacy since 1895.

The Naeve family is a six-generation farm family that raises cattle, grows crops, and operates a trucking company based of out Andover, Iowa. Three generations of Naeves work the family farm on a daily basis: Allan Naeve – 4th Gen, Ray Naeve – 5th Gen, Andrew & Adam Naeve – 6th Gen. The family is proud of their ability to grow high-quality cattle, and it has been a long-awaited dream to take the step further to create their own brand of beef. It’s taken us over 125 years to develop our land stewardship and animal husbandry practices and we are committed to continuously evolving. Naeve beef is from high-quality Black Angus Cattle and raised for flavor.

In June of 2021, they broke ground on the state-of-the-art facility which will have the capacity to process up to 60 heads per day. The processing plant is expected to be completed in February 2022 and last for many generations to come.

Not Just Cattle

Serious Vertical Integration

The Farm: It’s not just cattle, folks! The family’s herd provides fertilizer for their crops. The Naeves grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa; accounting for a whopping 70% of their animals’ feed needs.

The Plant: In spring of 2021, the Naeves constructed and opened their own processing plant in Camanche, Iowa, where they process their cattle and package their fine beef. This plant has the capacity and capabilities to assist other area beef producers. Their own cattle account for approximately 60% of their current processing and packaging capacity. The facility is designed to be BRC-compliant.

On The Move: Naeve transports their cattle from their farm to their processing plant via their own fleet of trucks. The Naeve family carefully handles every aspect of the path to the most flavorful beef you’ve ever tasted.

The Best Around

Naeve Black Angus Beef Program

Insured & Affiliated

We are State Inspected